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Why do people love Rowley’s Red Barn so much? Read their reviews to find out. Fans of The Red Barn all love it for different reasons: the ice cream, the ambiance, the cherry juice, the history, fresh fruit,—or maybe all of those reasons put together!

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Reach out to us with any questions, comments, or fun stories you have about The Red Barn, or our yummy country foods. We love to hear from you!


Keep in touch with The Red Barn family by checking in on our blog! The Red Barn’s blog announces fun events, specials, classes, giveaways, and new recipes regularly.

Our Team

Our family-owned farm wouldn’t be much without the people who help keep it running. Read about the folks who work behind the scenes to bring you your favorite juices, fruits, ice creams, pies, and more!

Red Barn Beside the Mountains

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Rowley’s Red Barn hires friendly, responsible, hard-working people to help keep our farm and store up and running. Check in for more information on our current staffing needs.