Origin Jonagold was developed in 1943 at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. Parentage Jonathan and Golden Delicious Nicknames Jonagold doesn’t have many nicknames, but it does  have other strains, including Nicobel, Jonagored, Jonica, and Red Jonagold. Appearance Jonagolds have a long stem and dry skin. The skin is usually tough and […]


Origin Washington, 1987 Parentage It’s a mystery! Some people think it comes from Red Delicious and Golden Delicious When we Harvest Fall Nicknames American Cameo, Carousel Appearance Bright red strips over creamy orange flesh Fun Fact Cameo apples have become increasingly popular in England. Orchards in Kent, England provide most of the supply for England just […]

Pink Lady

Origin Australia, 1973 Parentage Lady Williams and Golden Delicious Nicknames Cripps Pink Appearance Pinkish color with a green blush Fun Fact Pink lady apples require a long growing season, which is hard to come by in our Utah mountain valleys!

Honey Crisp

Origin 1960, Minnesota Parentage Macoun and Honeygold Apple When We Harvest Mid-September Nicknames None Appearance Bright red color with a yellow blush Fun Fact The Honeycrisp apple is Minnesota’s state fruit! You can tell they are very proud of being the original developers of something so delicious.

Ginger Gold

Origin 1980 in Lovingston, Virginia Parentage Possibly Golden Delicious and Newtown Pippin apples When We Harvest September through October Nicknames None Appearance Greenish-gold skin that turns yellow when fully ripe, with flesh that is slow to oxidize Fun Fact The first ginger gold sapling started growing in the ruins of an orchard destroyed by Hurricane […]


Origin New York (the “Big Apple!”), early 1800s Parentage Open-pollinated Esopus Spitzenburg When We Harvest September Nicknames King Phillip, New Spitzenburg, Phillip Rick, Ulster Seedling Appearance Medium-sized with  thin, tough skin. The yellow background is almost completely blushed and striped bright red. Fun Fact Jonathan’s are known to be amazing desert apples. They’re tart for […]


Origin New Zealand, 1952 Parentage Unknown. Perhaps Lady Hamilton and a Granny Smith variety When We Harvest Late October Nicknames None Appearance Varies from orange to red over a yellow background Fun Fact Braeburn got its name from the orchard where it was first grown commercially: Braeburn Orchard. Don’t worry—it has nothing to do with […]

Granny Smith

Origin Australia, 1868 Parentage Perhaps French Crab When We Harvest October Nicknames Smith’s Seedling Appearance Bright green with bright white, crisp flesh. Fun Fact Granny Smith apples are named after a real granny! Maria Ann Smith was 69 years old orchardist when she found the apple seedling growing on her property. She didn’t live long […]


Origin Developed in Japan in the 1930s Parentage Ralls Janet and Red Delicious When We Harvest October Nicknames None Appearance Bi-colored, typically striped with yellow and red Fun Fact This apple is named after the highest mountain in Japan: Mt. Fuji. The name is appropriate, because Rowley’s Red Barn believes Fuji apples taste best when […]


Origin 1960’s in New Zealand (ooh, exotic) Parentage Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Redd When We Harvest Early September Nicknames None Appearance Pretty, pink color and creamy colored flesh Fun Fact Gala is in the top five most popular apples in the United States. The other four are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, and Granny […]

Golden Delicious

Origin The Golden Delicious appeared in 1890s in West Virginia on the farm of Anderson Mullins. Mullins sold it to a nursery that put a cage around it—they didn’t want anyone stealing the scion wood to propagate their own Golden Delicious apples! Parentage Probably a Golden Reinette and Grimes Golden—it’s still a mystery! When We […]

Red Delicious

Origin The Red Delicious was found in 1870s in Iowa by a farmer named Jesse Hiatt. He chopped the unwanted seedling down twice before he finally let it grow! Parentage Unknown! It was discovered as a weird, mutant seedling When We Harvest September Nicknames Hawkeye, Stark Delicious, Delicious Hiatt Original, Delicious Standard, Original Delicious Appearance […]