Ridgeline Beef


As Spring blossoms before us, we look forward to greener pastures. And we aren’t the only ones! Doesn’t this look like paradise?

Our cows think so! Happy Cows make Happy Beef, which makes Happy People. 


Ridgeline Beef, sold at The Red Barn, is locally owned and operated.  The Angus Hereford beefy supreme cows pasture in Fish Lake National Forest during summer and fall, and Wah Wah Valley during Winter and Spring. It’s a difference you will taste!


At my house we eat tacos every Tuesday. I prefer to avoid processed foods when I can, so I enjoy making my own taco seasoning, which I would like to share with you today! If you have a bulk foods store close by, like Winco, you can really save big purchasing your spices there. I was able to buy all the spices below for less than the cost of two taco seasoning packs at the store, and still had spices left over! Less money, better taste, no preservatives or artificial ingredients? I’m in! 

My favorite taco seasoning blend can be found at allrecipes.com. You can change the serving size depending on the size of jar you would like to use (I’ve set it at 200 servings for the amount shown below for your convenience). Once your ingredients are in the jar, just shake, and you are ready to use!  2-3 Tablespoons in your ground beef is the equivalent of a store bought packet. This will last you for months (even eating tacos once a week!) 


Try some Ridgeline Beef seasoned with your own spice blend, it’s sure to make you a dinner champion!  


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