Come to the Blossom Festival

Springtime is our favorite time to be out on the farm; the grass is turning green, the trees are blossoming, and we’re busy planting new trees and getting spring work done. There is something about the smell of freshly turned soil, the sight of the trees coming to life, and crisp spring breezes that gets our blood pumping and reminds us how much we love what we do. We want to share some of that feeling with you by celebrating the Red Barn’s Blossom Festival. There are several ways to celebrate with us!

Visit the Orchards in Bloom

The orchards surrounding the Red Barn are beautiful when in bloom. These orchards will be open for you to wander around in and take photographs for FREE! Different varieties of fruit have different colored blossoms and bloom at slightly different times of the year. The cherry orchard adjacent to the barn are a brilliant white color, the apples to the west of the Barn are whitish-pink, and the vibrant pink peach blossoms are a 5 minute walk to the east of the barn. Feel free to come and enjoy these areas with your family and friends with no appointment and for absolutely free! Please check in at the barn to sign in and receive directions.

The Blossom Run 5K through the Orchards

What better way to launch Spring by running through the orchards while they are in full bloom. Check out for more details on this 5K race.

Take Your Picture in the Blossoms

For professional photographers and/or those groups (or individuals) that would like a spot to themselves, we will have several spots in the orchard available for you to come and take pictures with the blossoms. There will be an antique tractor and wooden crates that you can use for your photos available at the site.  A 1 hour appointment costs $40 and will give you or your group an hour in the orchard to take pictures. Appointments can be made on our webpage here. Whether you’re after a family portrait, senior pictures, snapshots of the kids, or just some selfies to impress your Instagram followers, our orchards in bloom provide an amazing backdrop!  Photographers, photography equipment, and other props will need to be self-provided. 


Plan Your Visit

To make sure your visit is enjoyable and successful we suggest you do the following:

  • Dress for the weather.
  • Bring your photography equipment.
  • Bring any props you would like to use for your photographs.
  • Make sure that you are early so that we can get you signed in and receive directions.
  • If you have a private appointment, recognize that you may have to drive to the spot where you will take pictures. The roads are dirt and could be muddy.


Our farm conforms to a set of prescribed regulations, called Global Good Agricultural Practices, that ensure we are meeting certain safety and quality standards. As a visitor on our farm we ask that you also abide by these regulations in addition to some rules that protect our orchard:

  • Do not bring food or drink (other than water) into the orchards.
  • Do not climb in or on the trees.
  • Do not use the restroom in the orchard.
  • Do not pick blossoms (they are our future crop!) or cut limbs.
  • Be mindful of the irrigation system; do not step on it or disturb it in any way.
  • When parking in the orchard make sure that there are no irrigation structures or other obstacles in your way.


Farm life subjects us to Mother Nature’s whims and constant climate changes. Springtime, in particular, provides weather changes that can speed up or delay the emergence of blossoms. We are planning the festival to coincide with our orchard’s full bloom date according to our years of experience and best guess, but it is subject to change. To ensure that your appointment will provide good blossoms please call a few days before your scheduled appointment. We will do our best to get you into some spectacular blooms.

Please also be advised that during bloom there are bees in the orchard which can sting even if unprovoked. If you or someone in your party has a serious reaction to bee stings it may be wise to re-think getting pictures in the blossoms or plan accordingly.

By visiting our orchards you are acknowledging that there are risks and dangers present while being on a working fruit farm. By entering our property you agree that Rowley’s Red Barn will not be held liable for any injury, death, or damage to property. 

 We will not be held liable for lost items. Visiting parties will be held liable for any damage to Rowley’s Red Barn property, including land, trees, irrigation systems, etc.